Starburst slot game is a video slot released by NetEnt in 2012. It is a simple game with straightforward gameplay and rules, making it suitable for players of all levels. It is extremely easy for beginners. Its simplicity is one of the reasons, among many others, for its appeal, popularity, and endurance over the years. It is a slot of very simplistic yet elegant design. Its graphics and the technical aspects are of a high class filled with energy, light, and sound effects. Up to 10 paylines are possible in the game. The player is free to select 1 to 10 betting lines. The Starburst slot RTP is 96.1%. The information presented below gives you a comprehensive idea of all the features, special characteristics, and possible benefits. 

 Starburst Slot – Basic information

  • Number of reels: 5
  • Number of rows: 3
  • Number of bet lines: up to 10
  • RTP: 96.1%
  • Volatility level: Low
  • Coin value: $0.01 to $1
  • Bet range: Min bet = 0.01; Max bet = 100

Features of the Starburst slot machine

Starburst slot – Winning game with simple rules - Features of the Starburst slot machine
  • Symbols: Precious gems such as emeralds, rubies, amethysts, sapphires, diamonds, etc., astronomical bodies like stars, golden bars, etc. The symbol of the star is the highest-value symbol in the game.
  • Variable bet levels: The player is free to choose anywhere from 1 to 10 bet lines.
  • Wide range of coin values: Since the range is wide ($0.01 to $1), it is suitable for budget players.
  • Wide bet range: The min. bet is 0.01 and the max. bet is 100. The high max bet limit can attract experienced players as well.
  • ‘Max Bet’ option:  It enables the player to directly choose and play at the maximum bet level.  

Special features of Starburst slot game

Starburst slot – Winning game with simple rules - Special features of Starburst slot game

Win Both Ways feature

The symbol sequences of paylines for the wins are counted from left to right as well as from right to left, resulting in more benefit for the player.

Starburst Wild feature

The Starburst Wild symbol can appear on reels 2, 3, or 4. If one or more Starburst Wild symbols appear on one of these reels, the Starburst Wild feature is activated, and the Wild symbol expands to cover the entire reel. The remaining reels then make a re-spin. During the re-spin, if again a Starburst Wild appears on another reel, it again expands to the entire reel and makes a similar re-spin. Up to two Starburst Wilds can appear during such re-spins. When no more Starburst Wilds appear on the re-spin, the Starburst Wild feature ends. 


Starburst slot – Winning game with simple rules - Gameplay
  • Line: You can choose how many paylines to bet on using this option
  • Coin value: Choose the coin value, which is from 0.01 to 1.
  • Level: Select the bet level from the range 0.01 to 100.
  • Spin: Start playing the game.
  • Max bet: The game directly plays at the maximum bet level using this function.
  • Autoplay: Activation of a specified number of spins without interruption after any spin.


Colorful, sparkling gemstones against a heavenly background dotted with planetary bodies are a stunning visual to the eye. The light effects, animations, and the cosmic sounds during different stages in the Starburst slot game, especially during wins, add density to the entire layout. Every win is accompanied by dazzling light effects.


The game can be played in various widely used platforms like Windows OS, Android devices, and iPhones.

 Other information

  • Due to the low volatility feature, the wins are mostly small to medium but more frequent. One of the useful Starburst slot tips is to make use of the low volatility, especially when your bankroll is slim. You can win something even by playing for a short while. If it were a high volatility machine, you will have to play for long to witness any substantial benefit. By the time, you will have exhausted your meager funds, resulting in a net loss. 
  • No Scatters, multipliers or free spins. But exclusive features like the ‘Starburst Wild’ and ‘Bet Both Ways’ compensate for them all.


The above Starburst slot machine review shows that the game is suitable for all types of players. Its wide bet range can accommodate low-betting, beginner players as well as experienced, high-value betters. Its simplicity in design, layout, and gameplay has, no doubt, appealed to the masses. Players of any level can attempt to play the Starburst video slot with minimum knowledge. The impeccable graphics and choice of colors add beauty to the ambiance and are capable of keeping the player riveted to the game. The absence of many sophisticated features has not reduced the radiance of the game. They are compensated by the exclusive Starburst features so that such deficiencies are not felt. In short, the overall profile of the Starburst slot game is that of a winner game, and it will be around as a favorite option to numerous players for a long time, irrespective of how many other games may come and go. 

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