There are numerous games in the casino with numerous strategies for each of them. When you are interested in a particular game, you will have to learn its strategies to make good wins. However, certain tips can show you how to win at the casino irrespective of the kind of game. These are general strategies that can help you with all kinds of games you play in the casino. Let’s examine some of them here.

1. Choose high payouts/RTP

How to win at online casinos - Choose high payouts/RTP

If you are wondering how to win money at the casino more than what you are earning now, you could be playing at a low payout service. Choose high payout casinos to win more. The payout or RTP (Return to Player) is the percentage of money returned to the players as rewards. It is different for different casinos and different machines. The higher the payout, the higher the wins.

2. Try bigger bets/ high-value machines for bigger wins

How to win at online casinos - Try bigger bets/ high-value machines for bigger wins

If you are thinking about how to win in a casino more, one thing you may want to try is to check which kind of machine you are playing at. For instance, if you are playing at penny slots, you will only get rewards proportional to the intake. They are simply programmed that way. You cannot expect huge jackpots from such slot machines. If you are dreaming of big rewards, go for the dollar machines. Similarly, in a betting game, bet higher amounts for larger wins.

3. Try table games instead of slots

How to win at online casinos - Try table games instead of slots

Usually, table games have a higher RTP compared to slot machines. So, if you want to look for bigger wins, try some of them like the baccarat, craps, blackjack, etc., instead of slots.

4. Trust probability theory

How to win at online casinos - Trust probability theory

Has the thought of how to beat the casino ever crossed your mind after you consistently lost by betting on your favorite number? In some chance games, e.g., roulette, when you have betted on your lucky number consistently for several times and lost, you tend to lose hope and bet on some other number. And lo! Your number turns up. That’s unlucky. As per probability theory, every time your number doesn’t turn up, it simply means the chances for it to turn up in the subsequent turns are getting higher and higher.

5. Smaller bets for smaller wins

How to win at online casinos - Smaller bets for smaller wins

How to win in casino when you have only limited funds? If your bankroll is not big, you can try smaller-bet games and smaller-value slot machines. Your wins are bound to be smaller, too, but that’s the only way to win when your funds are limited. This strategy is also useful for newbies. If you are not experienced, don’t play with bigger bets. Try small-bet games so that you don’t lose much. Even though the wins are smaller, practice boosts your confidence.

6. Low volatility machines for frequent wins

How to win at online casinos - Low volatility machines for frequent wins

Low volatility machines give you only small wins, but they occur more often. Even if you play for a short while, you may win something. A high volatility machine, on the other hand, gives bigger wins, but the wins are not frequent. So, if you have not much time to spend, you may not be able to play enough to see a win and would have to leave losing some money. Low volatility machines can also show you how to win at the casino every time even when your funds are limited. With a high volatility machine, you might exhaust what you have in a short time and would have nothing remaining to go further until you reach a win.

7. Free games advantage

How to win at online casinos - Free games advantage

Instead of playing directly for real money, you may try the demo version of games like slots and learn all the aspects of the game to become familiar with its strategies. You may make mistakes and learn from them, applying strategies by trial and error. After some practice, you may try playing for real money so that you will be kind of expert. When you are comfortable with a particular game, you may know better how to win on online casino and earn money from it. Also, you will save money as you don’t spend it while practicing on the demo version. This approach is especially useful for beginners.


Whether you play slots or table games, the above general practices can show you several ways of how to win online casino and make significant earnings. The tips also help you guard your money. While some strategies are fully general and can be applied to any game by any player in any situation, some others are useful for certain players or certain gambling scenarios. None of these strategies is specific for a single game. Following these tips can surely help you play a healthier and more beneficial game in a casino irrespective of the kind of game you play.